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About Us At Appliance Repair Mobile When The Microwave Breaks Down Call The Mobile Microwave Repair It is imperative to call a Appliance Repair Mobile expert when an oven is malfunctioning and not performing properly.

People without proper oven restoration training should not try to fix a malfunctioning microwave oven because of the risk of electrical shock. Even if the unit is unplugged an untrained person, trying to fix the problem, can still suffer an electrical shock. A common problem that microwaves develop over time is with a door that does not close properly.

Never use an oven with a door that does not close properly because the radio waves used to heat food and drink can escape while an oven is operating. An experienced tech will replace the door so that the unit can be operated safely and efficiently.

Sometimes microwaves make noise when turned on but the food or drink does not heat because of a defective thermal fuse. If this is the case only an experienced technician can safely restore the unit to proper working order. Do not use the unit until a technician examines the oven and repairs the problem. Some microwaves have a carousel that turns the food while it is being heated in the oven to make sure the food cooks evenly.

Sometimes the carousel malfunctions and will not turn so the food is not cooked evenly. Even though the unit still heats it is best not to use an oven until a tech can fix the carousel. When calling a repair center inquire as to the average number of years of training and experience their technicians have. Top technicians have at least five years of experience working on microwaves and are the most qualified to fix most types of ovens. Circuit board repairs can be complicated which means that it is best to have the most qualified technician work on the oven.

A Appliance Repair Mobile service should be called whenever there is a problem with microwaves because only qualified technicians should work on these ovens. Microwaves have proven to be convenient cooking devices but they are also very complicated devices that should be repaired only by experienced techs. Call an experienced and qualified appliance center when the microwave stops working properly. Call us today at (251) 597-4792 for Mobile and (251)-967-2424 for Baldwin Co. Area.

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